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When deciding on what image or photo to purchase I’m pleased to offer variable options for my customers. Unfortunately I cannot post glazed frames through the post as I cannot ensure them reaching you without breakage and I can’t insure them.

So I can offer


   A2    23.4 inches x 16.5     £38

   A1    31.4 inches x 23.4     £75

   A0   46.8 inches x 33.1      £150

Panoramic images on canvas deep frame laminated measures 36 inches x 10    £65

The Canvas is real 300g high quality cotton, stretched over a deep wooden frame then laminated.

I know that cheaper canvas work is available but it’s cheaper for a reason, I’m the photographer – designer so I take huge pride in the final appearance of my work so quality is paramount.


Foam boards

Foam boards are photographs that are bonded to a light weight 5 mm foam board, the prices are exactly the same as canvas. The difference or benefits for some customers are super lightweight large pieces of art that require no frames or fixings to the wall. They can simply be mounted by Velcro or double sided tape. As they protrude only 5 mm from the wall they can be placed in areas of high traffic as they can’t be knocked off the wall easily. They can also resist water, finger marks, oil etc.


All prints arrive presented with a black frame mount which has a white core which measures 20 x 16 it’s also the frame size required if your need a frame. The Mounts are of the highest quality 3mm thick acid free which means they will not go yellow. The prints come with a back grey board and supplied with a lustre clear bag so as a gift they really do looking stunning.

£20 each

All prices are subject to postage



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The next step when ordering

All images have a code so please email me with the small discription and code, at the moment the only payment that I can except is through Paypal. So I will generate an invoice through Paypal and send that to your email address. Or why not drop into Focus FX the store in Crewe and select from hundreds of prints.





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