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at 8:20pm on March 3rd, 2009
Well all anyone needs to do is look at lindens pictures to see how AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT he is at his job but I have been converted!! I will only use this man I have fallen in love with everyone of his pictures!!! xxxxxxx love it thank you linden you are a STAR x

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(London) wrote
at 9:44pm on February 15th, 2009
everyone who is thinking to get photographed do it definately with linden he is a professional, i had lot of fun today while posing and actually he has done a great job. thanx linden xxx

Beki wrote
at 5:21pm on March 23rd, 2009
Linden is a fantastic photographer. If you’re nervous, he makes you feel very at ease and if you a professional he will listen to any ideas you have for different types of shoots as well as giving his own. He's great at what he does as you can see from the outcomes. Anyone and everyone should do a shoot or few with him. Even if it’s just for pleasure. It’s always nice to be made to feel great when having your photograph taken and as for professionals, go to Linden to build up your portfolio.

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Gina (Manchester) wrote
at 10:47pm on March 23rd, 2009
Wow... there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your daughters personality captured on camera. Whether it be a smile, a frown, a funny face or just simply running around a park going nuts!... Linden has really captured Keira and she had loads of fun doing it too! There is nothing worse than trying to sit a 4 year old still and get them to pose in a small studio .... kids don't enjoy it! The pictures are so natural! Perfect even! I would urge every parent to hire Linden - take the kids to their favourite park and let him work his magic.... ! Thank you Linden

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r (Manchester) wrote
at 12:56pm on June 17th, 2009
I had so much fun doing the shoot, I had never done anything like it before I was really apprehensive about doing it but really glad I have. Linden made me feel really at ease and we had a fun and fab day. Really glad I did it xx

Wedding photography in cheshire
(Manchester) wrote
at 9:00pm on February 16th, 2009
Ditto, Lucia!

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Louise Oakes wrote
at 11:48pm on February 8th, 2009
Your pics are amazing as usual.The picture of the eye is mind blowing. Great camera work. Well done hun. XX

18 September, 2009
Tel: 07805 290445

Dear Mr. Linden Adams:
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the fantastic job you did at Natalie and my wedding. We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service you provided. We sincerely appreciated your responsiveness and the way you conduct your work.
The quality of your work is to an exceptional standard, undertaken with the utmost professional courtesies. Several guests have taken the time to comment on how comfortable and relaxed you made them feel whilst still trying to organise the best possible photographs and on how amazing your wedding photographs look.
We have recommended yourself to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to enjoying your expertise for years to come.

Many Thanks,

Paul Worsley

wedding photographer cheshire
Dear Linden

We would just like to say a very big “thank you” for making our wedding so complete by capturing the very essence of the day, from beginning to end, in a beautiful and unique photographic format that far surpassed all our expectations.

The quality of your work speaks for itself but your real talent was capturing the “story” of the day so perfectly and yet so unobtrusively, probably because you managed to make everyone feel so relaxed and at ease that you were able to capture “real” moments in time, unlike some of the more posed and stilted portraits that are all too commonly found in most wedding and other photographic portraits. Each time we look at your work we see something different in each and every image which always takes us back to that perfect day.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, help and advice, both before and after the wedding, and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else looking for a top quality photographer for their wedding, or any other important function, that needs to be captured in a sympathetic, modern and meaningful way, and also in a format that will give hours of endless pleasure to your subjects.

Thank you once more Linden and please feel free to use this testimonial, if you wish, to promote your work.

With best wishes and kindest regards

Duncan and Natalie Chambers

Cheshire weddings testimonial


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